The Bees Toes!

Shanghai Red, the name conjures up an image. I nearly didn’t buy the nail polish. I have wanted to visit China ever since I studied the country in high school, but I was selecting a color for my wedding day… Just the right red for a punch of the unexpected on my toes, something that coordinated with the other scarlet elements I had chosen, something that conjured up romance or passion.

Apparently as a nation we’ve been buying 70 percent more nail polish this year. Does this have something to do with the fun and fantastical names that are not just popping up, but are now de rigueur? During a recent mother-daughter mani-pedi my Mum and I remarked that it would be really fun to have the job of naming nail varnish (for that is what we call it in England). Well apparently now you can!

My favorite British nail brand Nails inc has introduced their Couture line. Here you get to select a color, add a cap (the bejeweled ones are very glam), customize a box with stickers, and, the really creative part, add your very own name to the bottle. For £20 (for England never adopted the Euro) you can create a personalized gift for your fashionista friend (of which I have a few).

Little Pinkies

Earning 6 digits

Nailed it!

It’s really quite…

The Bees Knees Toes!


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